Frequently Asked Questions From Our Clients in Sterling Heights

At Dynamic Lawn and Landscape, we're always happy to answer your lawn care questions!

Our qualified lawn care technicians from Dynamic Lawn & Landscape get asked everything under the sun. As a result, we thought we'd share those questions and answers here! And on the off chance your inquiry is not addressed on this page, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1. When will fertilization treatments begin?

Our fertilization treatments will begin in the spring, around the 3rd week of March.

2. What is your fertilization program like? How many applications are there?

Our program consists of the highest quality granular fertilizer and liquid weed controls.

We offer a six application program:

  • Round 1 – Granular fertilizer with pre-emergent crabgrass control
  • Round 2 – Granular fertilizer with pre-emergent crabgrass control and broadleaf weed control
  • Round 3 – Balanced slow-release fertilizer and broadleaf weed control if needed
  • Round 4 – Special slow-release fertilizer to help with the summer heat and broadleaf weed control for tough summer weeds
  • Round 5 – Balanced high nutrient slow-release fertilizer for long-lasting green during fall and broadleaf weed control if needed
  • Round 6 – Winterizer treatment to promote root growth and quick green up in the spring


3. What ingredients are in your granular fertilizer?

Our fertilizer consists of nitrogen which promotes lawn color and growth. It also contains potassium to help with drought tolerance.

4. Do all your applications control weeds?

Yes, there is a form of weed control (either granular or liquid) with every application.

5. Do I need all six fertilizer applications?

Yes, we recommend all six applications for your lawn, but you can choose a custom program with applications of your choosing. However, please know that at least four applications are recommended to properly control weeds and produce a consistent color.

6. Do you guarantee your fertilizer program?

Yes, however, we highly recommend all six applications be provided! For us to guarantee the program, customers must invest in at least four applications a year for a minimum of two years.

7. My lawn was treated for weeds, when can I expect to see results?

You will see results within 7-10 days, but the product needs at least two weeks to work through the plant. We cannot reapply any weed control until after two weeks have passed.

8. How do I request a service call?

To request a service call, customers must invest in a minimum of 4 fertilizer applications. Also, at least two weeks must have passed since the first service was performed for us to reapply any fertilizer or weed control. If two weeks have passed and the results are not to your satisfaction, please call our office, and a tech will be out promptly to perform a free service call.

9. When should I water my lawn after it has been fertilized?

The fertilizer technician will leave instructions on when to water your lawn with the invoice.

10. It rained after my lawn was fertilized, do I need to be concerned?

If your lawn was treated with granular fertilizer, the rain will help! It will start breaking down the fertilizer. If your lawn was treated with a liquid product, the product will be dehydrated within 15-20 minutes. Light rain will help the weeds take in the product. However, if there is heavy rain, please allow two weeks from treatment to call, and we will perform a free follow up service call.

11. When is the best time of day to water my lawn?

The best time of day to water is early in the morning, between 5am-7am. On hot days water the lawn for a few minutes in the afternoon to help cool down the lawn. It is not recommended to water your lawn after 6 pm.

12. How long do I need to wait before my kids and/or pets can go on the lawn after a fertilizer application?

The fertilizer technician will leave instructions on your invoice, but we recommend you wait a minimum of 2 hours.

13. Why does Dynamic Lawn and Landscape leave a flag on my lawn?

The law states we must post a sign on the lawn after a pesticide application has been made. It is also flagged to let customers know to check the service invoice the technician left on the front door for any specific instructions.

14. I prepaid for my applications - why do I get an invoice on my front door?

An invoice is left on the front door after each application to confirm what was applied on the lawn and if there are any further instructions for you to follow.

15. What signs should I be looking for to tell if there is a problem with my lawn?

The top signs to watch for are brown spots or any other discoloration, as well as if something is digging up your lawn. If you see these signs or anything else concerning, please call our office and a technician will be happy to come out to diagnose the problem and recommend treatment.

16. How soon can I mow my lawn after my fertilizer application?

If you bag your lawn clippings, we recommend waiting at least 24 hours after mowing your lawn. If you mulch your lawn, please wait at least two hours before cutting your lawn.

17. What height should I set my lawn mower to?

We recommend mowing at 3 to 4 inches, except for the first and last cut. For the first and last cuts, we recommend mowing at 2-2.5 inches.

18. A perimeter pest control was applied to my house, why are there still bugs in my house?

The bugs you see in your home were already inside before the treatment. They are trapped inside now due to the barrier outside. The ones trapped inside should be gone within two weeks. The perimeter pest control application can only be applied outside houses - we cannot go inside.

19. Do you service sprinklers?

Yes! We provide sprinkler start-ups and winterizations, along with repairs. Sprinkler repairs require a minimum $60 service fee. Parts and labor are additional.

20. Why can’t I log into my customer account?

If you are having trouble logging into your account, please call our office staff and they will be happy to resolve your problems.

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