Why Choose Us?

Feed Your Lawn Right
Our team uses only premium quality, non-spray fertilizer to make sure your lawn always looks it best.
Designed Just For You
From a charming stone walkway to choosing the perfect trees and bushes, your lawn is the entrance to your home. We can make it uniquely suited to your style.
Tell Pests To Buzz Off
Don’t let your next backyard party be ruined by pesky mosquitos. Spraying for mosquitos before your next event keeps the bugs away and helps you relax and enjoy yourself.
Keep Your Trees Healthy
Trees need tender loving care to remain healthy and full of life. Leave it to the professionals to play doctor to your trees and arrange for tree removal when they become a hazard.

Family-Owned & Operated Michigan Landscaping Providing Lawn Care and Pest Control Services in Sterling Heights, MI

A nice brick home with unique, beautiful landscaping

Come Home to a Perfect Lawn

At Dynamic Lawn, we provide residential and commercial lawn care services ranging from pest control, lawn carefertilization, sprinklers, mosquito control, and much more. Keeping your lawn green, vibrant, healthy, and free of weeds is a job for the experts at Dynamic Lawn. Our team of experienced landscapers and designers can provide lawn maintenance services designed to ensure that your lawn stays looking its best all year around. We also provide perimeter pest control services to rid your home from bugs.

Dynamic Lawn can tailor our lawn care & pest control services to meet your specific needs. Learn more about the full scope of our landscaping & pest control services or contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Custom landscaping in front of Lakeside Mall

Your Landscape Reflects Your Business

Managing and maintaining large property grounds can be very challenging in the landscape maintenance industry. At Dynamic Lawn, our team of pest control & landscapers do their best to satisfy the managers, clients and visitors of the properties that we maintain. We have a tremendous reputation for quality, professionalism and response time. We offer many benefits to large commercial properties that wish to deal with one company that can take care of all lawn care, pest control, fertilization, and snow removal needs. We do not use subcontractors, so we are always ready and accountable for the work that is performed. Many of our managers and crews are cross-trained, which means we are ready and available to tackle any commercial lawn care projects.

"We have been very happy with our services from Dynamic Lawn."
We had been through a couple of places that just did not measure up. We are going into our second year with them and could not be happier! They come when they say they will and our lawn always looks awesome!
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